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If you are experiencing trouble getting a file approved by the printcp proofing tool, please check the list below for some common issues that may lead to your file being rejected.
1. NO CROP MARKS PLEASE! see example of how a 5x7 postcard would be submitted.
The proofing tool looks for a file to have exactly 1/8" (0.125) Bleed.
ie. A business card file with a trim size of 3.5" x 2" will actually be submitted as 3.75" x 2.25"
Even if your job doesn't bleed you should set your page up to include a bleed area.
Crop marks are not required in your file setup! Our proofing tool will reject files that includes these.
3. FONT ISSUES : A good rule of thumb when sending files out to print digitally, especially when using applications like Illustrator or freehand.... Convert your fonts to Outlines or Paths.
4. DISTILLER : Adobe Acrobat Distiller does a better job of creating pdf's than the built in pdf export.
5. SINGLE FILE PDF CREATION : printcp requires your pdf be submitted as a "single file".
To achieve this follow these simple steps.
STEP 1. First create your 2 pdf files (a front side and a back side)
STEP 2. Open one of these files in Adobe Acrobat, once that is open select the "insert page" option from the "DOCUMENT" menu, select the other pdf file and click OK.
STEP 3. You will now have a single pdf file containing two pages, so go ahead and save this pdf file and it is ready to upload.

A few Tips to successful pdf creation by application :
InDesign - Create your document remembering to include the 0.125 Bleed area. Save as a [print] pdf! In the preferences under "Marks and Bleeds" be sure to check the box for "Use Document Bleed Settings" but DO NOT check any boxes under "Marks"
Illustrator users -
The "save as pdf" option works fine but you will achieve a smaller file size if you convert to outlines, export as an eps, then run your file through Distiller.
Freehand users - Same as Illustrator, convert fonts to paths, export as an eps, run through Distiller.
Photoshop users - If you have built your file completely in photoshop, first save a copy as a CMYK eps.
Then save the flattened eps as a pdf, or run the file through Distiller.
DO NOT just save your psd file straight to pdf using the "save as PhotoshopPDF" function.
Quark users - The best way we are aware of is to go into Quark prefs and change the PDF pref to make a postscript file. Then you run the PS file through Distiller.
Click here to view usps postcard requirements.
• Click here to view examples of correct 2 sided pdf's - Business Card - 5x7 postcard

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